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My Story: From $30k in Debt 6-Figure Business Owner

Hey, friend!


I'm Chris Myles, an entrepreneur living in Hartford, Connecticut, and a full-time Blogger, YouTuber and Podcast Host. Thanks for stopping by!

You might know me as "Benji's Dad". A business I named after my son Benji when I first got started trying to make money online and it's worked out quite nicely.

But I'm first a foremost a Husband to the prettiest lady on the planet and a proud Dad. 

Baby On The Way and Needed Help


My wife and I struggled living paycheck to paycheck. We had J.O.B.'s or "just over broke" type jobs and as a result found ourselves in a HUGE mountain of credit card debt. 

Then when we found out we were expecting our first son, Benji, my wife wanted to quit her job so she could give him "mommy-care" rather than "day-care". 

I was terrified as to how I was going to take care of my growing family and almost gave up altogether.

Almost Gave Up, but Stumbled on Something Great 

I did what most people do and Google'd "How to make money online" and came across a lot of trash that just wasted time and didn't pay enough.

I hit rock bottom and considered a 2nd job on top of the 50+ hours I was working already. But I needed to provide.

I eventually stumbled upon blogging, niche site investing, and affiliate marketing and learned that I could run a passive income blog with little up-keep once it's up and running. 

18 months later, I replaced my wife's income and mine and ditched my 9-5! 

It's not just about the money!

I believe that successful businesses is about serving people. 

When you have a focus on helping other, it takes the pressure off of you to be perfect, just help people!

And in return, your business doesn't have to take over your life - instead, it can serve you just as much as you are serving others! 

Thanks to this simple business model, I am able to spend time with my wife and son, live life on my terms, get regular sleep, volunteer to help others, and focus on being as giving as I can with what I have been given.

Want to build a passive income that Replaces Your 9-5 in your spare time?

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If you have even 30 to 60 minutes a day, you can put this plan into action and begin creating an online business of your own.


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